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Biomass Power Plant Turnkey Project

Biomass Power Plant Turnkey Project

If you are checking biomass power plant turnkey project prices, price list, and cost online, please feel free to contact Power-Mall Electricity Equipment, we are one of the leading China biomass power plant turnkey project, biomass power plant manufacturers and suppliers, and also a professional company equipped with productive factory, welcome to buy high quality products for sale from us.

Biomass Power Plant

What is Gasification?

Gasification is the use of heat to transform solid biomass or other carbonaceous solids into a synthetic “natural gas like” flammable fuel. Through gasfication,we can convert nearly any dry organic matter into a clean burning fuel that can replace fossil fuel in most use situations.

Whether starting with wood chips or walnut shells,construction debris or agricultural waste, gasification will transform common “waste” into a flexible gaseous fuel you can use to run your internal combustion engine,cooking stove,furnace or flamethrower.

The gasifier is essentially a chemical reactor where various complex pgysical and chemical processes take place. Bisbass gets dried,heated,pyrolysed,partially oxidized and reduced in this reactor as it flows through it. Four distinct processes take place in a gasifier: 1)Drying of the fuel 2)Pyrolysis 3)Combustion 4)Reduction.


Application of gasification

The major applicaton of gasification is the product gas will be the direct use for the generation of power (and heat). This can be either in stand-alone combined heat and power(CHP) plants or by co-firing of the product gas in large-scale power plants. The installed power production capacity in the EU-25 countried is approx.700 Gwe(2004) [3],which is expected to increase to 1040 Gwe in 2020(based on an assumed growth rate of the power consumption of 2% per year). A target can be set to implement 10% of the growth of power production in the period between 2000 and 2020 with biomass-gasification plants.

In the view of decreasing reserves of fossil fuels and also because of the aim of the world to reduce the dependency from imported fossil fuels,there is a growing interest in producing syngas from the renewable source biomass,i.e.”biosyngas”. Biomass will play an important role in the future global energy infrastructure for the generation of power and heat. The dominant biomass conversion technology will be gasification,as the gases from biomass gasification are intermediates in the high-effcient power production or the synthesis from chemicals and fuels.

Generation of power and selling it to Grid
Generation of power for Factory
Generation of power for Village Electrification
Generation of power for Irrigation and Pumping activities



Industrial Furnaces/Kilns

Industrial Ovens

Indusrtial Dryer/Hot Air Generators

Industrial Boiler(Hot water,Steam,Thermal Oil)


The basic principle of POWERMALL”s biomass gasification system (abbreviated as BGPS) is to convert Agriculture and forestry products and wood processing remains(including rice husks,wood power,branches,offuts,
corn straws,rice straws,wheat straws,cotton straws,fruit shells,coconut shells,palm shells,bagasses,corncobs and etc.) into combustible gas.
It is then used as fuel in gas engine to generate electricity.Biomass gasification successfully conquers the disadvantages of biomass,such as low flammability and wide diversity.Biomass gasification system is characteristic of small land requirement and environment friendly.It’s one of the most effctive way of biomass utilization.

Type of biomass can be used in POWERMALL system:


Our biomass gasification process includes three steps. The first step is biomass gasification,which convert biomass into syngas. The second step is syngas purification. The producer gas coming from gasifier usually contains contaminants including dust,coke,tar and etc. The contaminants will be removed by the purification system to ensure normal operation of gas engine.
The third step is power generating in gas engine.The high temperature
exhaust gas may be reused by waste boiler to generate steam or hot water for civil or industrial use). Steam turbine may also be considered to make a gas-steam combined cycle power plant,which increase the total efficiency.


The POWERMALL biomass gasification power generation system are based on a modular concept and are able to applicate for 50-2000KW biomass power station. There are four series of biomass gasification system offered by POWERMALL which range from 50-2000KW of power generation:CFBG(Circulating Fluidized Bed Gasifier) series, UFBG(Updraft Fixed Bed Gasifier) series,DFBG(Downdraft Fixed Bed Gasifier) series,TFBG(Twin-fire Fixed Bed Gasifier)series. A series biomass generator sets from 50KW to 1200KW are developed by POWERMALL to combine with POWERMALL advanced gasification technology.

These gas generator sets are using the high efficiency siemens technology alternators,chinese top brand medium speed gas engine(500-1500rpm) with
advanced Eurppean engine control systems. The high performance of the POWERMALL biomass gasification plants and the later production of electricity with the gensets represents a competitive solution when
compared with conventional boiler-fired system.

Modular Concept Biomass Gasification Power Plant

Comparing with other renewable power generating system , POWERMALL-BGPS is characteristic of:
1).Flexibility. Gas engine,gas turbine and even waste heat recovery boiler may be used considering various power plant capacity requirement.It ensures high power generating effciency.Different capacities of biomass power generation plants can be designed with various types of POWERMALL-BGPS system.
2).Clean technology.Biomass,as one kind of renewable energy,may reduce the emission of carbon dioxide,sulfur dioxide causing from fossil fuel. Nitrogen oxides emission is very limited in our biomass gasification power generating system because of low temperature(700℃-1200℃).
3).Economic. POWERMALL-BGPS is capacity flexible.Even small size biomass power plant is also profitable. Simple process and less land requirements make biomass gasification power plant more economic comparing with other renewable energy.Generally speacking,biomass gasification power generating is the most economy technology in renewable power generating plant,the cost of which is nearly the same as small-size conventional power plant


About CHP

Combined heat and power(CHP) also know as congeneration,is an efficient,clean,and reliable approach to generate power and thermal energy from a single fuel source.By installing a CHP system designed to meet the thermal and electrical base loads of a facility,CHP can greatly increase the facility’s operational effciency and decrease energy costs.At the same time,CHP reduces the emmission of greenhouse gases,which contribute to global climate change.



 For the Details about Biomass plant,please download date here.


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